Research determines performance of high-volume fog nozzles

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Research determines performance of high-volume fog nozzles A YARDSTICK FOR IMPROVEMENT MODERN FACILITIES plus a cooperative administration and topnotch technical personnel has resulted in Rochester being the scene of several fire service research projects in the past few years. Most recent were the large-capacity fog nozzle tests held in September of 1959 by the Subcommittee on Heavy Stream Devices, Committee on Fire Department Equipment, NFPA and I.A.F.C. The purpose of the tests was to evaluate in a standard manner the performance of the various large-volume fog nozzles which have appeared on the market in the past few years. The information derived could then be promulgated to the fire service in order that fire chiefs would have accurate data upon which to base fire fighting operations involving the equipment. The information reported will also be of great assistance to pump operators who must supply the lines employing these nozzles. Measuring the…

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