Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Masthead DONALD M. O’BRIENEditor ALFRED J. HOUGHTONAdvertising Director FRANK HANIFIN, Assistant Editor DOROTHY P. FERGUSON, Managing Editor ROLLIN NELSON, Presentation Editor EDWARD R. CLARK, Production Manager ELEONORE B. HAPPE, Subscription Manager RAY M. CARACHER, Presentation Assistant David L. Harrington, Chairman of the Board, Gaylord Donnelley, Vice Chairman of the Board; Curtiss E. Frank, President; Edward A. O’Rorke, Vice President; Fred C. Ash, Secretary-Treasurer and General Counsel; Karl G. Clement, Controller. Edward B. Wintersteen, Executive Manager, Magazine Publishing Division. EASTERN REPRESENTATIVES: William J. Gibson; R. T. Cutler, 466 Lexington Avenue, New York 17. ORegon 9-4000. CHICAGO: Donald C. White, 59 E. Van Buren Street. WAbash 2-7738. LOS ANGELES: August Haurin, 6000 Miramonte Blvd. LUdlow 5-5525. Copyright 1960 The Reuben H. Donnelley Corporation. Entire contents of this publication covered by general copyright. All rights reserved. Title registered in U. S. Patent Office. FIRE ENGINEERING, August 1960, published the fifteenth of each month…

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