Vital program for effective apparatus maintenance

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Vital program for effective apparatus maintenance A YARDSTICK FOR IMPROVEMENT BACKBONE of any fire department is the maintenance section which keeps the apparatus “rolling” under all foreseeable and unforeseeable conditions. The importance of maintenance is recognized by all fire service authorities and in Rochester it occupies a prime position in the overall strategy of fire protection. The apparatus and engineering division is located at the fire-police training academy, and occupies the entire ground floor of the main administration building. The large unobstructed repair shop is equipped with the very latest machinery and tools for efficient operation. Two hydraulic lifts can accommodate the heaviest of apparatus and 100-foot aerial ladder trucks can be handled with ease. Adjacent to the main shop is a modern automotive paint shop containing a very efficient ventilating system and explosion-proof lights. The highly skilled personnel of this division are responsible for a very strict preventive maintenance…

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