Relocation program provides proper coverage and augments manpower

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Relocation program provides proper coverage and augments manpower IN THIS ISSUE A YARDSTICK FOR IMPROVEMENT RESPONSE DISTANCE is an important factor in fire fighting strategy and proper location of fire companies is closely scrutinized by rating engineers. The 1949 grading report of the National Board of Fire Underwriters disclosed two major weaknesses of the Rochester Fire Bureau. One was the inadequate distribution of fire stations. The commissioner of public safety referred these problems to the recommendation committee of the fire bureau and the bureau of municipal research. It was apparent that Rochester’s fire stations were constructed to accommodate horse-drawn apparatus. The stables were converted for apparatus space and personnel quarters but the locations remained the same. Modern motorized apparatus had increased the range and capacity of fire fighting equipment and more manpower was certainly necessary to properly exploit the capabilities of this apparatus. The city had expanded outward, creating large…

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