Supply and hose depot: quartermaster for the fire bureau

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Supply and hose depot: quartermaster for the fire bureau A YARDSTICK FOR IMPROVEMENT Little-known division provides important functions for maintaining efficient operations QUARTERMASTER of the Rochester Fire Bureau is the supply and hose depot located at fire headquarters. Commanding officer is a fire captain who is assisted by one lieutenant and seven firemen. Three of these men work the same tours as the line division, while all other members work nine hours per day Monday through Friday. The primary responsibility of this division is the cleaning, drying, testing and disbursement of fire hose. Rochester employs double-jacketed cotton hose purchased to its own specifications except for the 1-inch size, a high-pressure booster hose tested to 800 psi. In addition to the sizes listed in the table, each pumper carries two 10-foot lengths of 4 1/2-inch hard suction and one 10-foot length of 4 1/2-inch soft suction. Rocker lug couplings of the…

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