Navy Issues Instructions For Use of Purple-K

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Navy Issues Instructions For Use of Purple-K The U. S. Navy recently issued instructions concerning the use of potassium bicarbonate-type dry chemical extinguishing agent popularly known as “Purple-K-Powder.” According to the Navy, the “P-K-P” material is compatible with foam and of greater effectiveness than other similar agents. An excerpt from a new paragraph, 3.331 NAVAER-00-80R-14, Navy Aircraft Fire Fighting and Rescue Manual, states: “When P-K-P is applied very low to the fire and with very little nozzle velocity, the fire fighter will not have to retreat from the initial “orange-ball-flare” effect which always accompanies the use of the older C-D-C (compatible dry chemical) powders. A cool, light-purple flame is developed when P-K-P dry chemical contacts the fire and flame extinction is immediate. The fuel surface resists reflash longer and advance on the fire is thereby made easier. Foam blankets are not destroyed by P-K-P and it can be used for…

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