WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

WHAT’S NEW Among the Manufacturers DEPARTMENTS products processes personalities New Federal Fire-CD Siren Federal Sign and Signal Corp., 13601 South Western Avenue, Blue Island, Ill., has introduced a three-tone community siren for fire and air raid warnings. Said to have been approved for OCDM matching funds, it is claimed the new unit emits a distinctive tone for fire warnings as well as the official “Alert” and “Take Cover” CD signals. It is available in 115 or 125-decibel models, with a portion of the installation cost also eligible for OCDM matching funds. New Dry Chemical Unit American LaFrance, Elmira, N. Y., announces a compact, dry chemical fire extinguisher for protection of Class B and Class C risks. Designed for one-hand operation, Model PDC 2 1/2B is approved by Underwriters’ and Factory Mutuals Laboratories and by the U. S. Coast Guard. Underwriters’ rating is 4B:C. It is said to have effective discharge…

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