Questions and Answers

Issue 8 and Volume 113.

Questions and Answers DEPARTMENTS Horizontal Range To the Editor: How is the reach of a fire stream calculated? N. B. Answer: Maximum range of a stream when the nozzle pressure is greater than 30 psi may be calculated with satisfactory results by the formula S = 1/2 N.P. +26. The above is for use with a 3/4-inch nozzle where S equals the horizontal distance in feet and N.P., the nozzle pressure in pounds per square inch. Add 5 feet to the 26 for each 1/8-inch increase in nozzle diameter. Example: What is the maximum range of a fire stream when a 1-inch nozzle is employed at 50 psi? S = 25 + 26 + (2 X 5) = 25 + 26 + 10 = 61 feet (See “Eire Service Hydraulics,” page 171.) Sprinkler Calculations To the Editor: What is the method used for calculating discharge from a sprinkler head and…

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