Teaching fire prevention in the elementary schools

Issue 9 and Volume 113.

Teaching fire prevention in the elementary schools BOB HOLMES IN THIS ISSUE Riverside Fire Department conducts month-long program to indoctrinate pupils in principles of fire safety FIRE PREVENTION WEEK in Riverside, Calif., has had to be stretched to Fire Prevention Month to take care of the fire department’s dramatic six-year program for all elementary school youngsters. Every child’s awe of fire, firemen and fire equipment is put to good use in the department’s program to teach them a different phase of fire fighting and safety each year during their stay in elementary school. Actual demonstrations of fires with trucks and equipment in operation; treatment of victims; demonstrations of how easily clothing catches fire and how to extinguish such fires; methods of reporting a fire; movies and talks by firemen—all are done by the city’s firemen in Riverside’s 30 public and private elementary schools. Recently the program has been expanded to…

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