New Mexico Adopts Flammable Liquids Code

Issue 11 and Volume 113.

New Mexico Adopts Flammable Liquids Code New Mexico has adopted a flammable liquids code which sets standards for safe transportation, storage, handling and use of flammable liquids, it was reported June 1. The code is based on model standards of the National Fire Protection Association and is similar to other regulations now in use in other states. The state fire board, composed of State Corporation Commissioners Ingram B. Pickett, John Block, Jr., and G. Y. Fails, was authorized by the 1959 Legislature to adopt such a code. Cooperating in the development of the regulation was an advisory group composed of representatives of the New Mexico petroleum industries, fire department officials and the state fire marshal, Ralph Apodaca. Enforcement of the new code rests with Apodaca, in cooperation with municipal and county fire department officers. E. W. Fair

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