Fighting Subway Fires PART II

Issue 11 and Volume 113.

Fighting Subway Fires PART II RICHARD A. DENAHAN Assistant Chief New York Fire Department CHARLES V. WALSH Deputy Chief New York Fire Department PROCEDURES that may have to be followed in covering the life hazard at a subway fire are unique in one respect. The commanding officer may frequently recognize the presence of a severe hazard and start covering it before he knows the location of the fire. Ordinarily, in covering life hazards at a structural fire, the officer can, and should, know the location of the fire so that he can determine how and where endangered occupants may be cut off from escape. He can then place lines, ventilate, and use such other tactics as may be advisable in view of the known facts. At subway fires, however, the life hazard may require so much attention and effort by the personnel on hand that the fire itself may not…

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