Progress in Safeguarding Chicago Schools

Issue 12 and Volume 113.

Progress in Safeguarding Chicago Schools Much has been accomplished since December 1958, but the final goal has not yet been reached The author graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1952 with a B.S. degree in fire protection and safety engineering. He has served as an engineer with the Missouri Inspection Bureau and as a fire protection engineer with the Corps of Engineers at the Engineer Research & Development Laboratories and at U. S. Army headquarters in Japan and Korea. In 1957 he joined Goge-Babcock & Associates, Inc., then U. S. Eire Protection Engineering Service, in Kansas City and was transferred to the Chicago office in 1959. At the present time he is supervising the engineering of fire protection improvements for life safety in public and parochial schools in Chicago and Detroit. He is a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers and the Society of Eire Protection Engineers.…

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