Questions and Answers

Issue 12 and Volume 113.

Questions and Answers DEPARTMENTS wherein are answered questions relating to current problems in the fire protection Piston Pumps Defended The Questions and Answers column of May 1960 contained an answer to a query on the use of piston pumps (volume) in the fire service. Following its publication, Mr. R. S. Howe, president of the Howe Fire Apparatus Co., disputed our answer and asked that he be permitted to voice the other side of the question. The following is his statement: Although the piston pump is heavy and bulky, present-day trucks are entirely adequate to carry them. The usable space which they occupy is scarcely more than a typical two-stage centrifugal pump. In regard to weight distribution problems, these can easily be handled by merely extending an L from the booster tank on the side opposite the piston pump to correctly distribute the weight. Although piston pumps have many movable parts,…

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