Issue 12 and Volume 113.

Obituaries Lester Stevenson Lester Stevenson, 63, former president of the Seagrave Corporation, died November 11 in St. Anthony Hospital, Columbus, Ohio. He had been associated with Seagrave since June 1919, becoming president in 1954. He retired because of illness in 1959 and was appointed consultant to the firm and a member of the board of directors. He started in the business as a mechanic and delivery engineer and transferred to the sales department in 1924. He was named manager in 1926 and elected a vice president and director in 1941. He is survived by his widow, a son and daughter. —Chief Larry Donovan Former Chief R. R. Boshard Reed R. Boshard, 77, fire chief of Provo, Utah, from 1920 through 1931, died October 26 at a hospital there, following a long illness. He joined the department in 1911. —E. W. Fair S. Wentworth Horton Senator S. Wentworth Horton, former chairman,…

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