Issue 12 and Volume 113.

FALSE ALARMS DEPARTMENTS Logic Kinkchaser discovered a hole in his uniform trousers, so he stopped by a local tailor to have it repaired. While waiting he asked: “What’s the best way to make a pair of pants last?” The quizzical tailor responded: “Make the coat and vest first.” A fire buff, noted for his large appetite, had wrangled an invitation to partake of a meal with the engine company. After demolishing most of the meat on a platter, he speared the last piece with his fork and asked, “Is this pig?” A disgusted voice asked, “To which end of the fork do you refer?” Seeing Is Believing The old timer returned home early one evening showing signs of having enjoyed himself at the neighborhood tavern. His wife read him the riot act and then announced he had better straighten up as they were going to the hospital to see the…

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