What’s new . . . among the manufacturers

Issue 2 and Volume 114.

What’s new . . . among the manufacturers DEPARTMENTS products ■ processes ■ personalities Ferrell CD Horn Ferrell Mfg. Co., Groton, N. Y., is marketing a signal horn powered by Freon gas which is designed for civil defense communication purposes. Three handoperated models are available and it is claimed all have OCDM approval for matching fund purposes. Doughnut Roll Carrier What is said to be a lightweight, comfortable and sturdy hose-carrying device has been developed by the Atlas Safety Equipment Company, Inc., 175 North 10th Street, Brooklyn 11, N. Y. The unit, carried on the back, accommodates either one 2 1/2-inch roll of hose or two 1 1/2-inch rolls. The hose is placed on an aluminum base, which rests on the wearer’s back and supports weight of the hose. A web strap secures hose vertically and horizontally, and is easily adjusted for comfort. It is used to carry hose to…

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