False alarms

Issue 4 and Volume 114.

False alarms DEPARTMENTS Trademark The Russian diplomat had spent a day watching our legislative procedures in Congress. That evening during dinner a guest asked what he thought of our system. “American politics are very strange to me,” said the official. “A man gets up and speaks and says nothing. No one in the room listens to him but when he has finished, everyone disagrees with him.” The Old Timer was struggling to put his key into the lock on the front door. A passer-by noticed his plight and asked: “Can I help you find the keyhole, old man?” “Thash all right, son,” said the old souse, “you just steady the house and I’ll manage.” Preacher: “As I was shaving this morning I was thinking of my sermon and cut my face.” Blunt Parishioner: “Next time you shave, think of your face and cut your sermon. The Whole Truth The village…

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