Dispatching fire apparatus by electronically written messages

Issue 4 and Volume 114.

Dispatching fire apparatus by electronically written messages ALARM DISPATCHING has been given a new dimension in Compton, Calif., through the use of a recently introduced method of graphic wire communications. The new system, designed for compliance with the provisions of Pamphlet 73 of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, enables a dispatcher to send instructions simply by writing them as he would on a scratch pad. At present, the Compton Fire Department protects an area of 8 1/2 square miles. Population in the city is now a little better than 70,000. To handle this job, we operate four fire companies out of three stations. Two companies are housed in our headquarters building and the two outlying fire stations house one company each. One of the first cities on the West Coast to install a telephone alarm system, all Compton alarms are received at a central dispatching console and a permanent…

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