Issue 5 and Volume 114.

IN THIS ISSUE Norris T. Morton—1903—1961—R. I. P.—An Editorial 371 By Donald M. O’Brien Fire Safety for College Dormitories 372 By J. Patrick Ward Safeguarding A Large Film Studio 374 All Records Fall During 33rd F.D.I.C. in Memphis 376 Emergency Priming of Centrifugal Pumps 378 By Captain Lee R. Light Training Industrial Employees in Special-Hazard Extinguishment Techniques 380 Grand Rapids Named All-American City. 381 Ohio Association Benefits Industry, Fire Chiefs and Insurance Leaders 382 New Bus Garage Equipped With Modern Fire Protection Devices. 383 New Packaging Methods May Save Your Business From Fire. 384 By Fred Stevens Ignition Concepts Applied to Industrial Explosions. 385 By Henry S. Morton Recent New York Scaling Ladder Operation. 386 Military-Civilian Mutual Aid Helps Control Gasoline Tanker Fire. 388 Old Los Angeles Fire Station now Historical Site. 390 By Cliff Dekfar Quick Action at Paraffin Fire Averts Disaster Following Explosion. 392 DEPARTMENTS Manufacturers’ News. 394…

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