New packaging methods

Issue 5 and Volume 114.

New packaging methods may save your business from fire FIRE-RETARDANT packaging materials are a new approach to the problem of protecting warehouse stocks as a means of safeguarding the investment of a manufacturer. By its use it is hoped to supplement existing fire protection services and devices and at the same time prevent complete disaster in the event of a plant fire. Today’s high-volume operations and product diversity accent the importance of storage space and efficient flow patterns. The two, however, are seldom harmonious. As the need for space increases, it is always easier to narrow aisle widths and stack higher than it is to add new floor space. It is not always cheaper, though, for your fire hazards may increase many times. Sprinklers become less effective and ventilation is reduced as the volume of material to support combustion multiplies. Feasibly, packaging may some day change the over-all picture. If…

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