Foam Proves Worth in Coal Mine Fire

Issue 5 and Volume 114.

Foam Proves Worth in Coal Mine Fire Recent experience in a coal mine fire in a large operation in western Pennsylvania which proved the foam plug a valuable factor, has been reported to the Coal Division of the Society of Mining Engineers by C. William Parisi, director of safety, Pittsburgh Coal Co. In a paper delivered to the society on March 1 in St. Louis, Mo., he stated that combating coal mine fires in the Pittsburgh Seam is difficult due to overlying laminations of coal and shale which fall as a result of heat generated by the fire. This fire was fought directly with water, delivered at 200 gpm for nine hours until it became apparent no progress was being made. Fire fighters were forced back repeatedly by smoke and roof conditions. A foam generator was placed in operation after a total elapsed time of eight hours from discovery of…

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