Safeguarding a large film studio

Issue 5 and Volume 114.

Safeguarding a large film studio Disney Productions and Burbank Fire Department cooperate to protect sprawling movie facility LARGE PLANT FIRES continue to be a major concern of the fire service because one such fire can destroy an otherwise good per capita loss record for a community, and almost invariably results in major structural damage and possible loss of life. To prevent or control such fires, a good plant fire safety program is of paramount importance. The program developed by Plant Protection Chief Roy 1L Merchant for Walt Disney Productions, Burbank, Calif., is an excellent example. In addition, it shows what can be accomplished when two organizations such as the Burbank Department and Walt Disney Productions cooperate. About five years ago the Disney company requested the Burbank Fire Department, Chief William J. Taylor, to counsel Chief Merchant on the establishment of definite rules, methods of operation, the inspection of then existing…

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