Old Los Angeles fire station . . . now historical site

Issue 5 and Volume 114.

Old Los Angeles fire station . . . now historical site All photo, official L. A. City F. D. photo. now historical site Los Angele’s first firehouse built in 1894 has been restored as part of that city’s Plaza State Historical Park. Renovation was done by the California Division of Architecture with funds provided by the State Division of Beaches and Parks. Equipment used in the old station at Plaza and Los Angeles Streets has been duplicated in the restored station—except, of course, for the horses. A monument plaque marking the firehouse at the 730th State Historical Landmark was presented by the Box 15 Club. It reads: “Dedicated to the firemen of the Los Angeles File Department—past, present and future— who since 1871, by their courage and faithful devotion to duty, have protected the lives and property of the citizens of Los Angeles from the ravages of fire.”

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