among the manufacturers

Issue 8 and Volume 114.

among the manufacturers DEPARTMENTS What’s new products . processes . personalities Fail-Safe Siren System Installation of a “Fail-Safe” radio-controlled siren alerting system in Fauquier County, Va., is said to be a first of its kind. By its use, a central dispatcher located in Warrenton, Va., may blow any or all sirens of county volunteer fire departments and then quickly receive radio confirmation that the sirens are actually blowing. Engineered and installed by Mobile Communications, Inc. of Silver Spring, Md., the system employs General Electric radio base stations, Secode Corp. digital encoders and decoders and a sequential delay relay circuit designed and manufactured by Mobile Communications. The system operates on 46.50 me and permits sirens to be blown steadily, intermittently or in civil defense “wailing.” Medium-Duty Alternator Leece-Neville Co., 1374 East 51st Street, Cleveland 3, Ohio, has introduced a new 40-ampere alternator for automotive vehicles. Known as the 6000 Series, it…

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