Issue 6 and Volume 115.

BALTIMORE TRAINS TO HANDLE CHLORINE LEAKS EMERGENCY RESPONSE to chlorine leaks may not be an every-day occurrence, but experience of the Baltimore, Md., Fire Department has pointed up a need for training in this area. Recently, at one of the piers in Baltimore City, a leaking 1-ton container of liquid chlorine was being removed from the hold of a ship by means of the ship’s unloading gear. While the container was in the air over the pier, it became unfastened and fell into other material on the pier, becoming wedged in such a manner that it was impossible to secure it to the lifting hooks. The chlorine continued to leak, overcoming various persons on the pier. The fire department was notified and dispatched apparatus and ambulances. Approximately 100 persons affected by the gas were sent to hospitals and treated. More than 30 required hospitalization. This accident presented a dangerous hazard…

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