The round table

Issue 6 and Volume 115.

The round table Discussion of current fire department and fire management problems Fire Department Training Programs THIS IS THE SIXTH installment of the Round Table on Fire Department training programs. Readers are invited to participate in the discussion which will continue in the July issue. Address replies to Round Table Editor, FIRE ENGINEERING, 466 Lexington Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. The Discussion Allie Feldman, Chief, Denver, Colo.: The probationary training period in our department is 30 days. After completion, a recruit is given material for study and must return to school for examination after five months. Continuous training is given all personnel and records are kept of the type and amount of training each individual receives. All newly appointed assistant chiefs take charge of the fire training of the entire department for one year and all newly appointed lieutenants assist these chiefs for six months. Newly appointed officers, after…

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