Among the buffs

Issue 9 and Volume 115.

Among the buffs BALTIMORE BUFFS are proud of the Citation of Commendation presented to Gilbert Lean, long-time member of the Box 414 Association, for his dedication to public duty on bebalf of the city of Baltimore. The story goes thusly: Baltimore’s Seventh Battalion became suspicious following a number of rubbish, garage, and house fires. Police and fire arson investigators arranged special stakeouts in the belief a firebug was in the area. Gil was nearby when his car radio announced a box alarm. Arriving at the location he found a minor garage fire. A witness told him he had seen a youth set the blaze. Gil, and the witness, Harris Walpert, began to cruise the area when another fire alarm was broadcast nearby. Reaching that location Walpert pointed out the suspect and they took him into custody. The suspect, a 15-year-old, subsequently admitted that he had set 25 fires in the…

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