“Berlin, N. Y., Propane Gas Blast Kills 10”

Issue 11 and Volume 115.

Berlin, N. Y., Propane Gas Blast Kills 10 FIRE AND DEATH erupted violently in the little town of Berlin, N. Y., on July 25, when a tank trailer loaded with 7,000 gallons of propane crashed into a tree, ignited, and spewed flame on 11 homes and several vehicles. Ten people lost their lives as a result and 19 were injured in various degrees of severity. The tragedy began when the vehicle, driven by Robert J. McLucas and en route to Burlington, Vt., apparently lost its brakes on a steep hill leading into the heart of the town. Witnesses reported that the driver blasted his horn and waved people out of his way in the brief moments he had to live. Just before reaching the center of the town he maneuvered on a curve and apparently attempted to turn the trailer up onto an embankment at the south side of the…

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