“Gas Kills Four Men At Liverpool, Ohio”

Issue 12 and Volume 115.

Gas Kills Four Men At Liverpool, Ohio Four men, including one fireman, lost their lives in East Liverpool, Ohio, on August 2, in what the local coroner described as a “tragedy of errors that should never have happened.” The tragedy began when a tank truck operator keeled over in the bottom of a 20-footdeep cesspool overcome by deadly hydrogen sulfide gases and lack of oxygen. His helper went down a ladder to his assistance and was quickly overcome himself. Next to lose his life was a neighbor who went to their assistance. By this time the fire department had arrived and one of the firemen perished in another futile descent into the tank. Still another fireman was stricken by the fumes but he was reached in time and taken to City Hospital. According to Dr. Roy Costello, the coroner, the tragic part was that the firemen had gas masks on…

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