New YorkÕs Training Program

Issue 12 and Volume 115.

New York’s Training Program Photos by James Hegemon GUIDED by firemen-instructors, most of whom are licensed teachers, a New York City probationary fireman undergoes an intensive nine-week basic training before ever performing a tour of duty in a company. This training compares favorably with the military, including daily drill, calisthenics, and the inevitable push-ups for punishment. It turns out a hard-bodied young man who reports after graduation to a fire station with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of his chosen profession. The proby can don a mask with the same ease that he can don his coat and he knows the value of this mask since he used it many times in the realistic atmosphere of the smoke and fire rooms at the drill tower. If assigned to an engine company after basic, he can hop on the rig confident that he knows all the tools, can stretch hose…

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