Wall Collapse Kills 6 New York Fire Fighters

Issue 12 and Volume 115.

Wall Collapse Kills 6 New York Fire Fighters Photo by Louis Salzbery Having just knocked down a fourthalarm fire, 20 New York fire fighters were mopping up under a loading shed at a fat rendering plant when, without warning, the wall above them started to collapse. There were shouts that were abruptly cut off by the rumbling walls, and then grim silence followed by other shouts as fire fighters outside the zone of destruction moved in to help. For 14 painfully injured men, the night tour of October 26 is one which will last forever in their memories. But for six other fire fighters it was the last duty they would ever perform. To the roll of the department’s honored dead were added the names of: William F. Russell, Captain, Engine 325; James M. Marino, fireman second grade, Engine 325; Richard P. Gifford, fireman second grade, Engine 238; George J.…

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