False alarms

Issue 1 and Volume 116.

False alarms The home inspection program was proceeding nicely and the lieutenant walked up the steps of a house. Seeing a little girl playing on the porch he said, “Is your mother home young lady?” “Yes, sir,” was the reply, “she’s always home.” The lieutenant rang the bell several times but no one answered. Finally he said to the girl, “I thought you said your mother was home.” The little girl thought a moment and then said, “She is, but she won’t answer at this house. We live next door.” The modern gal may be real fond of clothes—hut she’s not entirely wrapped up in them. Kitchener Fire Blanket Young visitor: “Mister, your dog keeps acting so strangely. Why does he keep turning round and ’round in circles?” Company clown: “He’s a watch dog— and he’s winding himself up.” Many women discover that it is just as hard to find…

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