Philadelphia Conflagration Worst in City’s History

Issue 2 and Volume 116.

Philadelphia Conflagration Worst in City’s History COVER STORY Philadelphia Evening Bulletin photo USHERED in by high winds and bitter cold, Philadelphia’s biggest fire in modern times struck at the northern section of the city on New Year’s Day. Before being brought under control it caused 4,000 people to flee their dwellings, left 250 homeless and another 800 out of work. Destroyed were the blocklong, eight-story Fretz factory buildings and 20 two-story row houses that nestled against the building and were flattened when the towering Walls of the structure collapsed. Fire balls and radiant heat that shot out of the big building accounted for an additional 35 dwellings either damaged or destroyed, and numerous other buildings, some as far as three blocks away from the fire, were touched off by flying brands. AP photo through courtesy of Chief George Hink Wide World Photo —Photo by Robert C. Bartosz —Philadelphia Evening Bulletin…

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