False alarms

Issue 4 and Volume 116.

False alarms DEPARTMENTS Hardrock was tired of being bothered by visitors while making out his company reports. He gave strict orders to the man on watch to tell anyone asking for him that he was not in. Despite his orders he continued to be interrupted. Finally he laid down the law to the watchman that it was to happen no longer. “But, captain,” the man remonstrated, “no one believes me. They all say they arc friends of yours and know you will see them.” “Well,” said Hardrock, “I don’t care if you’re blunt with them. I must not be disturbed. Just tell them ‘that’s what they all say.’” A short time later a woman appeared and asked for the captain. On being told it was impossible she exclaimed, “But he must see me. I’m his wife.” “Sorry, lady,” was the watchman’s reply, “that’s what they all say!” “Cheer up,” said…

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