Issue 5 and Volume 116.

GROUND LADDER REFRESHER A review of some important fundamentals—PART 3 Ground ladders used by the fire service are considerably more expensive than commercial ladders and if properly cared for will give years of safe service. Frequent and thorough inspection can add to this life, and progressive departments have regulations requiring that the ladder apparatus be stripped regularly, preferably outdoors and in good light. Each ladder is carefully examined and then washed with a mild noncaustic soap. Beds used for carrying the ladders are also examined for defects and carefully washed free of dirt and grit. Before ladders are returned to these beds they should be thoroughly dry. Wet spots on the surface of the bed can cause serious damage from rot. Brackets and locks that hold ladders vertically to the sides of apparatus must also be gone over, not only because bending or warping can cause damage to the ladders,…

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