Book Shelf

Issue 5 and Volume 116.

Book Shelf FIRE SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAMS—Fire Protection Technology of the Technical Institute, College of Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla.; price $2.50. Another in the Red Book series of officer training manuals, this is designed as a guide for the development and continuation of progressive training in the fire service. It covers such subjects as personnel levels, curriculum requirements, testing methods and reports. HANDBOOK OF BETTER TECHNICAL WRITING—Dudley H. Rowland, U. S. Steel Corporation; 239 pages, hard cover; Business Reports Inc., West Avenue, Larchmont, N. Y.; price $7.95. Subtitled a “Manual of Sentence Construction and Punctuation for Technical Writers,” the book incorporates elements of grammar, usage, diction and style, which could be of use to persons preparing regulations, training manuals and bulletins.

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