Issue 5 and Volume 116.

FIRE ENGINEERING IN THIS ISSUE 363 Industrial Chiefs Organization Needed—An Editorial By Donald M. O’Brien 364 Safe Handling of Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon 366 Fighting Fire in Baled Cotton By Duane E. Baker 368 L. A. County Opens Petroleum Fire Training Center By Cliff Dektar 370 Fairgrounds Fire Protection By Thomas E. Wright 371 Fire Protection at Freedomland 372 Automatic Extinguishing System Protects Liquid-Metal Test Loop By Glen J. Schoessow and Edmund D. Zeratsky 373 Space-Age Brush Fire Brigade By R. L. Nailen 375 35th Annual Fire Department Instructors Conference, Memphis, Tenn. 376 Hudson, Mass., Nursing Home Fire Takes Nine Lives By Henry T. Hanson 377 Gasoline Fire Ravages Peace River By W. D. MacKay 380 Ground Ladder Refresher—Part 3 By James F. Casey 396 COVER STORY— Ruptured Gas Main Spreads Havoc in New Orleans By Arthur J. Heyd DEPARTMENTS 378 Manufacturers’ News 382 False Alarms 384 Questions and…

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