Automatic Extinguishing System Protects Liquid-Metal Test Loop

Issue 5 and Volume 116.

Automatic Extinguishing System Protects Liquid-Metal Test Loop University of Florida photos TEST LOOPS enable students to study the characteristics of NaK (sodium and potassium alloy) as a nuclear power reactor coolant. Liquid-metal cooled reactors are one of several types of nuclear power reactors now used in the generation of electrical power. These reactors also appear promising as power sources for landbased power stations and space-ship power plants. Several land-based sodium-cooled reactor power stations are now in operation or being built in the United States. Space power plants for use in space ships and on planets have been built and are being tested. An estimated 50 liquid-metal test loop systems are used today in American universities and industry for research and educational purposes. Possible studies with test loops include heat transfer, fluid dynamics, component evaluation, corrosion and other problems associated with efficient and safe system performance. Sodium and other liquid metals…

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