… Fire Protection at Freedomland

Issue 5 and Volume 116.

… Fire Protection at Freedomland —All photos courtesy of Freedomland, Inc. EVERY HOUR on the hour Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicks over a lantern and the Great Chicago Fire is reenacted. The fire takes places, naturally, in the Chicago area of Freedomland, the world’s largest entertainment center in the Bronx, N. Y. Flames of gas billow out of windows and from the roof of the building. Firemen dash down the street pulling an antique fire pumper of Engine Company 8. They quickly stretch a hose line and volunteers pitch in to assist in the daring task of operating the handpowered Ahrens-Fox pumper. The volunteers, mostly young children, are awarded colorful certificates making each one an honorary fire chief of Freedomland. However, the real fire protection at Freedomland, which covers 205 acres, is an around-the-clock business, and modern methods are employed. Freedomland is laid out in the geographical outline of the continental…

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