Pumper AWOL, so Is Thief

Issue 5 and Volume 116.

Pumper AWOL, so Is Thief Volunteer fire fighters of Elkland, N. Y., were mystified early Wednesday morning, November 28. Seems their new $22,000 pumper was missing from quarters. According to the blackboard in the station. it was relocated at nearby Nelson fire station. However, no alarm had been sounded and the Nelson department knew nothing about the rig. Elkland immediately radioed Wellsboro Fire Headquarters to report the loss to the mutual aid center. Middlebury fire fighters overheard the radio message and joined in to report that a milkman had noticed a fire truck in the Catlin Hollow area. State police and the Tioga County Sheriff investigated and found the pumper on a lonely country road. Good police work soon had the culprit, a 21-year-old man, locked in Tioga County Jail charged with larceny. Police said he also faced a charge of being AWOL from the Army.

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