Equipment Standardization Simplifies Hydraulics

Issue 6 and Volume 116.

Equipment Standardization Simplifies Hydraulics FIRE PUMP OPERATION doesn’t have to be a hydraulic maze of mathematical computations. Standardization of nozzles and reliance on one nozzle pressure can make it easy to teach men enough to be useful in those deapartments that seldom use master streams. This is important in volunteer departments that must train a large portion of their men as pump operators to insure satisfactory response of apparatus at all times. Only four figures need be remembered: (1) Pump pressure for booster lines; (2) nozzle pressure; (3) friction loss figure for l 1/2-inch lines; and (4) friction loss figure for 2½-inch lines. For this system to work, all nozzles for any one size hose must have the same gallonage rating and the booster lines must be the same size and length on each truck. The nozzles also should not vary in gallonage between straight stream and fog settings. Friction…

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