Training Firemen Using an Aural-Visual Teaching Machine

Issue 6 and Volume 116.

Training Firemen Using an Aural-Visual Teaching Machine A report on the original experiment conducted in this field Director* Senior Associate TABLE 1—MEANS AND STANDARD DEVIATIONS ACHIEVED ON PAPERAND-PENCIL “FIRE BEHAVIOR” COMPREHENSION TEST DURING SEPTEMBER 1960, with the encouragement of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Chief Keith E. Linger, entered into an informal agreement with the Education and Training Research Laboratories to conduct a curriculum experiment utilizing teaching machine technology1,2,3,4 These joint efforts culminated in the translation of a portion of an existing human-instruction course in Forestry Camp Watershed Fire Training into teaching machine format suitable for use in the Videosonic Teaching Machine—Experimental Model.5,6,7 An evaluation study was completed in 1962. Results of study A 252-step lesson in Fire Behavior was administered to 34 recruit fire fighters by means of five teaching machines. Based upon criteria in the form of an externally applied, written…

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