Among the buffs

Issue 6 and Volume 116.

Among the buffs THERE ARE 13 OF THEM. They don’t think the number is unlucky, even though three of them are women. And they scoot off to every two-bagger in Sally Ann, hereinafter referred to as the Peanut Wagon. Strange? Hardly. Except for the fact that they are one of Canada’s few organized fire buff clubs. They call themselves the Verdun Auxiliary Firemen and are part of the Verdun Civil Protection Unit, reports Lome Ross Ulley, vice president. In case you haven’t heard, the City of Verdun is the third largest city in the Province of Quebec: Population 85,000, with 80 firemen under Chief Albert Vallee. The city’s two stations boast seven rigs including two late arrivals, 1962 and 1963 pumpers, rated at 625 gpm. The organization was formed three years ago when a Montreal department store provided the fans with an old delivery van. The truck was converted into…

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