Radio Regulations Effective Soon

Issue 6 and Volume 116.

Radio Regulations Effective Soon Five years ago the Federal Communications Commission issued certain changes in its technical standards governing fire service radio operations. Termed narrow band and popularly referred to as channel splitting, the regulations were announced with a final effective date of November 1, 1963. At about the same time in Docket 11990, the FCC announced that after October 31, 1963, operation of combined police and fire operations on police channels must be discontinued and fire or police systems must be on allocated frequencies. To permit combined operations if desired, the Commission created the Local Government Service to include other types of community operations as well. In the intervening period a number of articles, news items and official letters have appeared, many in this publication and others, calling these factors to the attention of the fire service. The FCC has emphatically expressed its warning it will enforce the requirements…

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