Issue 6 and Volume 116.

HOW TO BURN A BUILDING Practice fires make good training for fire fighters Battalion Chief THERE IS NOTHING like experience as a teacher, and what better experience could a fireman have than to bum an old building. In the year 1962, Tacoma firemen burned more than 40 buildings, thereby acquiring a fund of fire fighting experience that could conceiveably take years to come by. Tacoma brothers, of course, do not pull up in front of just any old haunted house, and start practicing. The building to be burned is carefully selected, carefully prepared for burning, and scientifically touched off; all to provide the maximum training for the firemen with the minimum danger to themselves and to the people and property surrounding. The selecting of a building to be burned, roughly follows the principles employed by a fire chief in making his size-up at an actual fire, taking into consideration the…

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