Issue 8 and Volume 116.

ENCLOSED STAIRWAYS SAVE LIVES About the Author EVERY YEAR hundreds of lives are needlessly lost because of the swift and unhindered passage of fire products from the lower to upper levels of buildings. The spread of flame, gases and smoke often takes place long before a fire is discovered and can be of such an extent to prevent entry by fire fighters. Enclosure of all stair, elevator, dumbwaiter and other shafts, and the use of wired glass and metal sash in windows in light wells, is the only known remedy for this vertical transmission of fire. Stairways, being primarily designed for the flow of human travel into and out of a building, are by far the most important of many vertical openings. Proper enclosure of such stairways will not only aid in the safe evacuation of a building but they can make an immense contribution to the preservation of the…

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