Issue 10 and Volume 116.

IN THIS ISSUE 801 The Impact of Change—An Editorial 802 Growth—A Continuous Challenge to Memphis By captain Richard M. Adelman 806 How Three Southern Departments Kept Pace with Their Cities By James F. Casey 809 Implications of New Developments in Public Safety By chief Lewis A. Marshall 810 Hawthorne and El Segundo Operate Joint Fire Alarm Center 812 Selecting Fire Fighters: A Psychologist’s View—Part 1 By Stanley I. Rubin 813 Radio Key to County-wide Dispatching in North Carolina 814 Dallas Recruits the 18-Year-Old By Meivin E. Grigg 816 San Diego Area Adjusts to Expansion By R0I B. wooiiey 818 Dallas County Provides Effective Fire Protection to Citizens By Charles Poik piayer 820 Megalopolis Looms as Cities Grow Together in Southern California By cntf Dektar 822 COVER STORY—Tacoma Pier Fire Exacts Heavy Toll Cover photo by Winfield Brown 824 Repair Welding of Fire Fighting Equipment By Leon D. Richardson 826 Protecting…

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