Selecting Fire Fighters: A Psychologist’s View

Issue 10 and Volume 116.

Selecting Fire Fighters: A Psychologist’s View PART I Ph.D. SELECTING PEOPLE for any job can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. In the case of evaluating candidates for fire departments, there are a number of special problems that must be taken into consideration. The personnel man in industry interested in hiring an accountant for his company can rely upon the man’s past work history and experience for some clues to his suitability. This is not so when fire chiefs recruit personnel. Applicants for a fire department usually come from a wide variety of backgrounds and, in the majority of cases, have had no experience in fire fighting. If time and space permitted, we could list a number of factors which make selecting people for jobs a truly difficult assignment. At the very least, there are four main points that need to be considered in order to appreciate the problem. When…

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