Dry Chemical Helps Save Ship: Neutralizes Fumes from Fire

Issue 10 and Volume 116.

Dry Chemical Helps Save Ship: Neutralizes Fumes from Fire DRY CHEMICAL has been credited with performing a new role—that of neutralizing noxious fumes resulting from the combustion of certain hazardous chemicals. As a result of this neutralization, a ship’s fire fighting crew was able to achieve complete extinguishment of a four-day old fire in an afterhold involving large quantities of sodium hydrosulfite and DDT. Although the cargo loss was considerable, serious structural damage to the vessel was averted. The episode occurred recently aboard an American freighter in a foreign port. During the height of the fire, research engineers of Ansul Chemical Company, Marinette, Wis., were among several authorities queried on the best way to combat the fire. Their advice, to blanket the area with sodium bicarbonate-base dry chemical in an effort to neutralize the fumes, proved “decisive,” the master of the vessel reported on his return to the United States.…

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