Common Rocket Propellants and Igniters PART 1

Issue 10 and Volume 116.

Common Rocket Propellants and Igniters PART 1 Editor’s Note: J. G. Gilkison was a Washington, D. C., fireman, then a combat fire fighter with the Navy in World War 13. After the war he was appointed chief of fire protection at S.A.C. Headquarters and later chief of Air Force Headquarters in Europe, from which post he recently retired. He gathered the information in this article while in Europe for distribution in manual form to the Air Force and NATO Allies. On return to the States he was dismayed to find the apparently indiscriminate traffic of tankers carrying propellants and igniters on our roads; and translated his dismay—and concern—into this article for FIRE ENGINEERING to alert chiefs and fire fighters everywhere. FIRE PROTECTION, when applied to missile fuels, involves some concepts which, though somewhat familiar to those handling aircraft fuels, may be new to those whose major experience has been structural…

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